Greek To Me creator Dr. J. Lyle Story regularly comes alongside to assist with common stumbling blocks and questions, provide additional word studies, and offer other insightful information to help you expand your knowledge of Biblical Greek.

History and Document Sources of the NT - Part I

History and Document Sources of the NT – Part I

Dr. J. Lyle Story begins his five part video series about the history and original document sources of the New Testament beginning with a brief study on Papyri.   https://vimeo.com/285927729/44eaa24c4f  
Greek NT Scribe - Job Description

Greek NT Scribe – Job Description

In our day, when we want to make a copy of a document, it’s relatively easy. We go to our printer, turn it on, and with a touch of buttons, we can make all kinds of selections (color, pagination, reducing, enlarging, stapling, binding, etc.). We do it without thinking too hard. And provided our printer is working properly, the printer will give us just what we selected. It’s so easy for us to forget the great difficulties that belonged to the copying of early Greek manuscripts by hand. Printing presses certainly came much later. Here is a job description for a scribe: 48 hour work week Must possess superior writing skills Superior concentration Willing to take correction Conditions: work space = board balanced over knees, sitting on stool Environment: very…