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The Greek To MeTM Online Course

Whether you are looking to learn Biblical Greek for the first time or you are looking to refresh your knowledge, Greek To Me has everything you need to learn Biblical Greek online! Our online course is modeled after the same curriculum used for over 40 years in seminary classrooms and our mnemonic approach has been scientifically proven to help you learn Biblical Greek vocabulary and retain grammar concepts successfully.

  • Memorable visualizations (mnemonics) link Greek vocabulary and grammar concepts to their English definitions
  • Avoids the traditional “rote” learning approach used by most curriculums
  • Used by thousands of students over the past 40 years
  • Equivalent of 2 full semesters of seminary level Biblical Greek
  • 105 video lessons
  • Greek To Me textbook (included FREE with membership)
  • 600+ mnemonic vocabulary flash cards
  • Over 300 practice problems with answer keys
  • Online quizzes for both grammar and vocabulary
  • Study at your own pace – 24/7/365 days a year
  • Access materials digitally to fit your schedule
  • The Greek To Me mobile app lets you study on the go (not included with membership)
  • Multiple mediums accommodate different learning styles (video, textbook, practice problems, flash cards, etc.)

The Greek To Me online course contains all the tools for you to learn Biblical Greek online. Enroll Today!

Why Choose Greek To MeTM ?

Watch this short video from co-creator Dr. J. Lyle Story to discover why Greek To Me is the premiere method to learn Biblical Greek online.

Enrolling in the Greek To Me online course is equivalent to taking two semesters of seminary classroom instruction, but available online and made to fit your schedule. Greek To Me has helped thousands of students confidently learn and master Biblical Greek. Get started today!

What Our Students Say


Greek To Me creator Dr. J. Lyle Story regularly comes alongside to assist with common stumbling blocks and questions, provide additional word studies, and offer other insightful information to help you expand your knowledge of Biblical Greek.

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The Greek To Me online course provides all the tools you will need to learn Biblical (Koine) Greek online. Enroll today and join thousands of others who are developing a deeper understanding of the Bible through the study of Biblical Greek.

GTM Mobile App

The Greek To Me mobile app brings 600+ Biblical Greek vocabulary flash cards right to your fingertips. Use the mnemonic images to learn the 600+ most common words from the New Testament anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. Easily navigate the vocabulary organized by chapters that correspond to the textbook.